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Many years later, as I came across a golden retriever on the street, I was to remember that distant afternoon when my father brought Teddy home, and from that moment on, our destinies became intertwined in a bond that transcended words. 

Teddy was not just a pet; he was my confidant, my playmate, and my unwavering source of joy. From endless games of fetch in sun-kissed fields to lazy afternoons spent cuddled up, sharing secrets and dreams, Teddy was a constant companion through the ebbs and flows of life. 

But life, as it often does, took an unexpected turn. In a cruel twist of fate, Teddy’s journey came to a sudden halt, snuffed out by a heart-wrenching car accident . I was devastated, my world shattered into countless fragments of grief. The void left behind was immeasurable, an ache that echoed through every corner of my being.

However, in the depths of sorrow, a flicker of hope emerged - it was during a chance encounter that I crossed paths with my co-founder, Evelyn, a skilled felted pet artisan. With unwavering dedication and an artist’s touch, she embarked on a mission to bring Teddy back to me in a way I could have never anticipated. 

The day finally arrived, and with trembling anticipation, I stood in front of Evelyn, my eyes welling up with tears. And there, in her gentle hands, was Teddy, reborn in a new form. Teddy’s essence was captured with astonishing details - the warmth in his eyes, the gentle curve of his tail, and the softness of his fur. My heart skipped a beat as I embraced my felted companion, feeling the familiar warmth and comfort I thought I had lost forever. 

Inspired by this profound experience, Evelyn and I resolved to extend this gift of remembrance to other pet owners who had endured the pain of losing their beloved companions. Together, we founded Furborn — a brand dedicated to crafting custom felted pet replicas that honor the extraordinary connections between pet owners and their furry friends. Experience our journey creating cat fur souvenirs, souvenirs for dogs, felted wool animals, and lifelike needle-felting animal portraits. Discover our dedication to artistry and connection. 

Furborn - Where every furball gets a chance to be reborn.

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